Welcome.Tzevaot has become known for manufacturing & producing high quality handpans that are always available. Tzevaot has signed a license agreement with PANArt and every new Tzevaot is “Made according to patented PANArt Method”
Feel free to contact us with general inquiries, placing an order, or to make an appointment to play our handpans in person.
If you’re ready to order a handpan from us, please head to our Order page and learn more about this wonderful instrument. You can also contact us directly. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the Tzevaot Handpan, its manufacturing, how to play a hand pan, or even questions about special purchase options. We look forward to getting a Tzevaot handpan to you as soon as you’re ready. We pride ourselves on having no waiting list, and always having a great selection of hand pans ready to sell.

“Where there is Music, there is Magic.
When there is Magic, we begin to Wonder,
so we Journey forth,
and in our Pursuit,
we find Love.
Where there is Love, there is Eternity.”