Tzevaot booth at NAMM 2016


After 3-years of immensive research and forming key partnerships, Tzevaot was formed in 2010. Tzevaot handpan distinguished itself by producing top quality instruments with production rate increasing regularly.

Word quickly spread and Tzevaot handpan became known for it’s “No Waiting List” and being able to fulfill requests for quality instruments.

 In 2015 Tzevaot presented at NAMM, increasing production  to be able to fulfill wholesale requests.

Tzevaot handpan will be at NAMM 2016

Tzevaot has partnered with some incredible artists to create an awesome music video featuring our new instruments.

Today, Tzevaot handpan is the only “no waiting list” hand pan manufacturer in the USA. Our lead metal tuner, David Parkin has practiced the art of tuning metal for over 20 years.

If you’re ready to come take a look at some of our true, high quality hand pans, head over to our “Order” page to learn more about the Tzevaot handpan, how to purchase one, and what you need to know about care, storage, and enjoyment of your new hand pan. We look forward to working with you as you begin to enjoy your new hand pan.

We have launched www.handpan.com to be the new hub of where people will go to buy a handpan. We are growing the way we connect with the community by having handpan ambassadors all over the world from Mexico to Morocco and everywhere in between. We continue to work with countless artists to take their visions and dreams and help them turn them it into a reality.

We have a fully active phone line so anyone can call with any handpan questions from 9am-5pm PST and get a response to your e-mail (typically) within 24-hours. If you are outside the USA, a Skype or WhatsApp call can be schedule by sending us an e-mail at info@tzevaot.com