What’s that sound you’re hearing in yoga class?

The handpan has emerged on the scene as a healing modality to be enjoyed by many. Those who celebrate and practice the healing arts are inclined to introduce people to the art of the handpan. With its resonant sound and profound ability to affect people on a vibrational level, the handpan has begun to appear in places like yoga studios, music festivals, and spiritual ceremonies.

Popularity at Festivals & Retreats

This summer in Big Bear, California, at the Big Bear Yoga Festival (link: http://www.bigbearyogafestival.com/event/big-bear-yoga-festival-2016-2/?print=pdf) Pranic Energizing and Sun Salutations will be accompanied by Live Music, featuring players of the handpan. On the shores of Thailand, at another retreat at the Beach Club Koh Phangan, (http://phanganist.com/koh-phangan-event/akari-yoga/tantric-rebirthing-con-handpan-kirtan) the handpan is featured as an instrument to aid in tantric rebirth. Alongside the handpan is the kirtan, another popular musical instrument used in healing ceremonies.

Featured Artist: Dylan Werner is an inversion and arm balance master and is regarded as one of the world leaders in yoga strength training and body weight movement. Since acquiring his Tzevaot handpans, Dylan has found a beautiful way to end his yoga sessions is with some light handpan playing during shyvasana.

Ayahuasca Healing Ceremonies

Shamans and Native Americans are including the art of the handpan in spiritual ceremonies, such as Ayahuasca healings. A sacred plant that ancient Amazonian tribes have been using for years, ayahuasca connects individuals to their deepest core self. In the journey to the center, healing ceremonies are often guided by teachers or shamans. During this ceremony, the use of the handpan allows practitioners to embark upon their journey, deepening their relationship with their higher, spiritual self.

Extraordinary Daily Practice

Imagine the effect of the handpan without ayahuasca! The musical instrument has been shown to affect children with autism in a vastly healing manner. The vibrational waves of the instrument intersect with the auric field of the listener in a way that operates on an energetic, spiritual level. That’s why yoga studios, spiritual retreats, and ceremonies are all including the playing of this mystical instrument.

Developing an awareness of your nonphysical body is one of the great experiences of embarking on a musical journey. The impact of such a unique sound, as the sound that emerges from the powerful handpan, speaks for itself. People around the world are including the handpan in their most precious of ceremonies. Fortunately for the worldwide community, songs and players of the instrument can be viewed online. Shows are becoming more popular in bigger cities and small towns.

Wherever you are on your journey, the handpan’s beckoning call will find you.